Fertility diagnosis and testing

At CREATE Fertility, diagnosis is the cornerstone of everything we do. We believe that accurate diagnosis is absolutely key to providing the best treatment and advice. Our Senior Medical Directors, Professors Stuart Campbell and Geeta Nargund, are foremost experts in using ultrasound scanning to deliver comprehensive and quick fertility diagnosis. We therefore take scanning very seriously, and have invested in high quality scanning machines and specialist training for all of our practitioners. As well as scanning, we offer a range of other diagnostic tests and procedures, including Hysteroscopy, AMH and Thyroid blood tests, HyCosy and various Genetic Tests. One of Doctors will be able to advise you if you may benefit from additional tests during your consultation.

Couples Fertility MOT

This unique service allows couples to visit one of our world class fertility clinics for a range of tests, which enable us to give comprehensive fertility testing and diagnosis.

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Female Fertility MOT

Our female fertility health check takes just one hour and includes a detailed fertility assessment scan and consultation.

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Male Fertility MOT

The Male Fertility MOT includes a detailed, expert semen analysis performed by scientists, with an immediate report provided.

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AMH Test

Anti-mullerian hormone or ‘AMH’ is a hormone released by developing follicles in the ovaries. Taking an AMH blood test to reveal the levels of AMH in the blood is therefore a good indication of ovarian reserve.

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This is a process whereby a small camera is passed inside the uterus and used to check for conditions that affect the uterus such as polyps, fibroids and scarring of the uterus.

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The Hycosy procedure is used to assess the viability of the fallopian tubes. Dye is injected into the uterus and is tracked using ultrasound to see whether the fallopian tubes are clear and the eggs are able to pass through to the uterus.

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