IVF treatment with donor eggs

Guide to In Vitro Fertilisation with Donor Eggs

Do you offer treatment with donor eggs?

Yes, we offer treatment with eggs from UK donors, Spanish donors and known donors. We have our own donor bank to choose from. For people of European descent, we usually do not have a waiting list. We also liaise with a clinic in Spain, so if there are no suitable donors in our donor bank, we can find a donor from the Spanish clinic which has a large selection. If you would like treatment with donor eggs, the first step is to come into the clinic for an initial scan and consultation.

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What is the process of having treatment with donor eggs?

You will come into the clinic for an initial scan and consultation where the doctor will perform an internal scan to assess your womb and the womb lining. You will then have a consultation where the doctor will go through your medical history and devise a personalised treatment plan. The next step will be to come in for a treatment consultation with a nurse. At this point the nurse will discuss your treatment with you and help to match you with a donor. There are three routes for egg donation: a known donor, a UK donor or a Spanish donor.

Known donor: For treatment with a known donor, you and your donor will take medication for a number of weeks to synchronise your cycles and to encourage the growth of the eggs in the donor’s cycle. Both of you will also come in to the clinic for monitoring scans. The eggs will then be collected from the donor’s ovaries under sedation and mixed with the sperm in the lab. A few days later the fertilised eggs will be transferred into your womb.

UK donor: In the nurses consultation you will go through the list of available donors and the nurse will help to match you with a donor. You will then take medication to thicken the lining of the uterus and prepare it for implantation. Doctors will assess the thickness of the lining with scans every few days. Once you are ready for the embryos to be implanted, the donor eggs will be fertilised with your partner’s sperm in the lab and transferred into your womb.

Spanish donor: After consulting with the doctor you will meet with a nurse and complete donor matching forms in order to find a suitable donor. You will then take some medication to prepare your womb for implantation and come into the clinic for scans to assess the womb lining. Once the womb has been prepared for the embryo transfer you will travel to the IVI centre in Madrid where the male partner will provide a semen sample. This will be used to fertilise the eggs which will then be transferred into your womb.

Are the donors anonymous?

In the UK, a law passed in 2005 means that any donor-conceived children, once they reach the age of 18, have the right to identifying information about the donor. Anonymity laws are not the same in Spain, meaning that donors in Spain retain their anonymity.

What are the success rates?

The success rates for treatment with donor eggs are very good; more than 50% of patients are successful with this treatment.