20 questions to ask a fertility clinic

20 questions to ask an IVF clinic

  1. Do you tailor (individualise) IVF treatment for each patient?
  2. Do you offer Natural, Mild IVF or IVM?
  3. How do you decide which treatment is best for me?
  4. What are our chances of success in your clinic?
  5. Have any patients been admitted to hospital with OHSS or other complications from your clinic?
  6. What are the risks to my health with IVF treatment at your clinic?
  7. Do you accept women who have low egg reserve and high FSH or low AMH?
  8. Which tests would you advise prior to IVF cycle?
  9. Which tests do you advise during IVF treatment?
  10. What is the cost of one full treatment cycle & are there any hidden costs?
  11. Do you have a 24-hour telephone line in case of an emergency?
  12. If there is a need for admission to hospital, who will take care of me?
  13. Why are your success rates higher or lower compared to other clinics?
  14. Do you treat NHS patients?
  15. Why should we come to your clinic for treatment?
  16. How is your clinic different from other clinics?
  17. Do you perform egg collections at weekends?
  18. Are you open 7 days a week?
  19. Do you have evening appointments?
  20. Do you have a waiting list?

IVF clinics

Deciding to undergo fertility treatment is a major decision that involves emotional, and financial, commitment. Once you have discussed your infertility problems and determined their possible causes the next step is choosing the best fertility clinic for you.

Ultimately, your choice will be decided by your feelings after visiting the clinic for the first time, but there are other important factors to consider and you should take your time and explore all the available options before making a final decision.

IVF and fertility clinics in London

During your treatment cycle it is likely that you will visit the clinic regularly. Finding a clinic close to home will reduce travel time and costs, as well relieving the pressure during what can be stressful times.

CREATE Fertility has two conveniently located London IVF clinics in St.Paul's and West Wimbledon. We also have fertility clinics in ManchesterBirminghamBristol, and Hertfordshire.

Range of treatments

Assisted conception treatments differ from clinic to clinic and not all of the 88 clinics registered in the UK offer all of the treatments. If you have been recommended a specific treatment, you will need to ask prospective clinics if they carry out the procedure.

It is also worth finding out what storage facilities are available if you decide to freeze eggs or embryos and if there is access to donor sperm, eggs and embryos.

Cost of treatment

Cost is often a deciding factor for many couples. Every clinic should offer detailed information on their current charges, including any additional costs for drugs or supplementary tests.

Success rates

Although success rates should be treated with caution, you will want to know that your chosen clinic has a successful track record.

Be aware that not all clinics use the same criteria for measuring fertility success rates and that some clinics will only accept younger patients in order to increase their averages. It’s important to ask how your prospective clinic measures success rates, specifically to the treatment you are considering.

Size and facilities

It is important that your clinic has all the facilities required in order to avoid traveling between different sites for treatment. Visiting the clinic before you decide will give you a feel for the environment.


Finding out about the staff will help give you an impression of their experience and expertise. As well as being professional it is important that you feel comfortable with staff who are thoughtful, sympathetic and sensitive.

Counselling & support

By law, all HFEA licensed clinics must offer therapeutic and implications counselling before you consent to treatment. This allows you to discuss exactly what is involved in the treatment and how it might affect you and those close to you. Some clinics also offer Patient Support Groups.