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Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions


Starting treatment

When will the clinics re-open and be able to start treatment?

We are delighted to announce, having received notification from the HFEA, that we intend to re-open at some point in the week commencing May 11th. We have been working on our plan for re-opening for some time and we will be announcing key details early next week.

We are working through the requirements to ensure that the appropriate safety measures are in place for delivery of our services. We appreciate that it has been a difficult time for many of you and we thank you for your patience and solidarity with us. We thank the HFEA and the government for their swift action to help re-start fertility treatments.

Further information, including some questions and answers for patients can be found on the HFEA website.

Updates will be posted to our website as soon as they are available.

What do I need to do to start treatment as soon as the restrictions are lifted?

If you are a patient who would like to start when we re-open, we recommend you complete as many of your pre-treatment steps as soon as possible, including:

• Completing all necessary documentation and consent forms.

• Undertaking or scheduling any required tests and consultations.

• If you are a self-funded patient, settling your account in full.

If you are an existing patient and would like to progress your case, we recommend you email us at Our phonelines are exceptionally busy and you will receive a quicker response over email.

Rest assured we are working very quickly to re-commence our services as soon as possible.

How will you prioritise which patients you treat and will there be a waiting list?

We are one of the largest providers of fertility treatment in the UK and have significant capacity to treat a large number of patients. We are currently putting in place plans that will ensure we are be able to treat all patients that would like to start treatment as soon as possible. However, we strongly recommend that you complete all necessary pre-treatment steps during this time, as with these in place we will be able to get your treatment started more quickly. These steps include:

  • - All necessary documentation and consent forms have been completed
  • - The appropriate tests and consultations have been undertaken or scheduled
  • - If you are a self-funded patient, your account is fully settled

If the steps have not been completed, it may take us more time to be able to start your treatment.

Will it be safe to have treatment when the restrictions have lifted?

We have been working on our plan for re-opening for some time and we will be announcing key details this week. We are working through the requirements to ensure that the appropriate safety measures are in place for delivery of our services. We are working fully to the guidance and best practice issued by the HFEA. We will of course talk you through how the new practices impact your clinic visit.

Further information, including some questions and answers for patients can be found on the HFEA website.

Will I need to repeat my blood tests before treatment?

Our aim is to minimise the need for repeat blood tests. Professor Nargund is working with our Medical team to review our protocols and to explore how best to treat each patient. Depending on the length of suspension of services, we may need to repeat some blood tests. We are aiming to keep repeat testing to a minimum and will give further advice when we have more information.


Which services are continuing?

Which services are continuing during the Covid lockdown?

We are continuing to offer virtual consultations, treatment consultations , follow-up consultations and patient reviews with our Senior Clinicians. To book any of these please contact us.

Our Senior Embryologists are also working to maintain our laboratory facilities, including ensuring that our cryo-storage facilities are properly maintained throughout this period.

How can I have my consultation during the lockdown?

We are successfully conducting video and telephone consultations, which you can book by clicking here. This includes a one to one discussion with your consultant , after which he or she will be able to make a plan for your treatment. Our senior nursing staff are also working, so will be able to support you and conduct nurse consultations via video or telephone.

Will my frozen sperm, eggs and embryos be safe if clinics are closed?

Absolutely. Our Senior Embryologists are continuing to monitor and maintain our cryo-storage facilities to make sure all sperm, eggs or embryos are safe. We have also have the latest technology within the laboratory to continuously electronically monitor liquid nitrogen level and temperature levels.


Getting prepared during lockdown

What can I do during lockdown to improve my chances of success once the CREATE clinics reopen?

1. Use this time to make sure your body is ready for treatment. Make sure you're maintaining a healthy weight, getting regular exercise and following a balanced diet. While it may be difficult during this time, trying to stay relaxed and giving up vices, such as smoking, will all help to optimise your fertility.

2. Attend one of our webinars with Professor Nargund. It’s a great chance to ask questions, learn more about your treatment with us. You can always book a virtual consultation with one of our team to have a chat about your situation.

3. Read our Frequently Asked Question section and be sure you look at the Covid-19 update page to keep up to date on treatment.

4. Explore getting your pre-treatment steps completed. This will allow you to get your treatment started as soon as possible once the restrictions are lifted.

5. Taking Folic acid is essential and Vitamin D supplements can be useful. Staying positive during this difficult time can help.

Is there any other advice for us during this difficult time?

We understand that this indefinite suspension of fertility treatments can be a difficult time for everyone waiting to start treatment, and particularly for those who have low egg reserve and therefore may have added time pressures.

We are here to help provide any emotional support you might need, as well as prepare you for treatment. Please contact us for support and any advice, including if you feel that you might require counselling or mental health support. Stay at home, stay strong and we will be able to help you to start your treatments as soon as it is safely possible.


Supporting patients during lockdown

What are you doing to inform your patients during this uncertain time?

We are doing our best to keep patients updated with regular updates on our website, weekly webinars and live Q&A sessions. We continue to keep in touch with patients awaiting treatment and our website and social media pages are being regularly updated as new information is released.

We have maintained a number of clinical and support staff who are here to support you through this very difficult time. If you do have any specific concerns we have a team of Senior Clinicians, Embryologists and nurses here to help.

We will update our website with the very latest information from the HFEA and other associated bodies. We are also working to keep a live Frequently Asked Question section on the Covid-19 page.

We have fully embraced new remote working technology to allow us to continue to offer you support during this time. We are maintaining our support centre open hours across the week, though our lines are busy and it may take us longer than normal to answer your query so please do bear with us.

This is undoubtedly one of the most challenging periods we have faced and we know that it is incredibly difficult for you too. We know that you, as patients, need answers and reassurance and we are working hard to provide this for you as best as we can.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions, concerns, or just want some reassurance – we are here to support you.

What emotional support are we offering patients during this time?

We understand that the current situation is making many of our patients feel incredibly anxious about how their future fertility will be impacted. Patients are able to book consultations with our clinical team, who can discuss your particular diagnosis and potential treatment options.

We are also posting lots of information about support and physical and emotional well-being on our website and social media, including blogs and media recommendations – read article.

We want all our patients to be able to access much-needed support during this difficult and uncertain time. All of our patients are able to access our independent counsellor for a remote consultation, and if you have already settled your account for your treatment, then one session is included within the cost. They are able to offer virtual or phone sessions to provide additional emotional support in this difficult time.

One of our counsellors has also written a blog about how counselling can support you during this period and how to prepare yourself for when treatment resumes. Click here to read it.


Supporting NHS funded patients

What clarity can you give for NHS-funded patients?

We are working closely with NHS CCGs, which commission fertility treatment, to gain clarity for NHS patients who may be affected by the pause in fertility treatment.

CCGs have tended to take a flexible approach, taking into account the exceptional circumstances at this current moment in time. We will update more on this issue when we have further information.