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Low egg reserve and fertility treatment

Low egg reserve and fertility treatment

Why a three-cycle package of natural or natural modified IVF could be the right choice for you

For many women, seeking advice on fertility treatment can mean the discovery that they have poor ovarian reserve, also known as low egg reserve. Egg reserves naturally decline with age from our mid to late 30s, but can also be impacted by medical and genetic factors.

At CREATE, we are incredibly proud of our success with women with low egg reserve and older women using their own eggs. Unlike many clinics, we have no set cut off point and will not turn away women seeking treatment with their own eggs, based on low ovarian reserve level.

Our expert team has designed a package of treatment tailored for women with low ovarian reserves that delivers:

  • High success rates, relative to those over one cycle
  • Fewer side effects and health risks: healthy mother, healthy baby
  • Access to advanced ultrasound techniques and pioneering specialists working at the forefront of technology in fertility treatment
  • Tailored treatment with no waiting times, so you can implant better quality embryos in a shorter time frame
  • A significant cost saving on multiple individual cycles of treatment


The challenge

The challenge for women with low ovarian reserves is to collect the very highest quality eggs for fertility treatment, often when time is against them.


Our three-cycle approach

At CREATE, we specialise in natural and mild IVF treatment. Our three-cycle package is designed around natural and natural modified treatment, which for many women over the age of 40 or with low egg reserve are the best treatment options. Based on an individual consultation with one of our specialist team, we will be able to advise you whether the three-cycle approach will maximise your chance for a successful pregnancy.  

Natural IVF relies on the principle of using the body’s natural selection mechanism to obtain the highest quality egg.  In women with low egg reserve, conventional IVF uses high doses of stimulating drugs to increase the quantity of eggs. However, women with very low egg reserve cannot always increase the number of eggs with high dose stimulation because their ovaries do not have a supply of maturing eggs and the blood flow in the ovary is compromised.  Selecting the highest quality egg/s using no/lower doses of drugs can result in a higher chance of fertilisation and obtaining embryo/s for implantation.

Building on this principle, our ground breaking three-cycle package is designed to give women a better chance of successful treatment. Patients undergo three cycles of egg collection and embryology, and any viable embryos created are frozen. After the third egg collection, the highest quality embryo from all three cycles is chosen and implanted into the womb. Remaining frozen embryos can be kept in storage for implantation at a later stage.  

What are the success rates?

The key benefit of our three-cycle approach is that for many women the chances of pregnancy as a result of treatment are much higher than if they opt for an individual cycle. 

At CREATE our success rates for natural and modified natural IVF are equivalent to or in some cases better than, the national average, across every age group. By building in the advantages of the three-cycle approach we achieve even better results, particularly for patients over 40. 

See our three-cycle package success rates here.


Are there other benefits?

Time. The three-cycle approach offers a faster way to create multiple high-quality embryos over a shorter period of time, which is key for older women and those with low egg reserve. Individual cycles of egg collection, embryology and implantation require more down time between cycles, whereas our package works efficiently with your natural menstrual cycles and is less intrusive. Natural cycle IVF can be performed in consecutive cycles without any break.

Cost. A three-cycle treatment package offers a significant cost saving (typically around £2000)

Wellbeing. Natural and natural modified IVF are safer and healthier for women and babies. With lower doses of medication or no medication at all, our treatment delivers equivalent or in some cases, increased success rates [link to full success rate information] compared to the national average, with fewer of the side effects and health risks linked to conventional IVF treatment.  


Need more help as you consider your options?

There is no denying that age and the impact of low egg reserve reduce the chance of falling pregnant whether naturally or with fertility treatment, but at CREATE, we believe every woman deserves the opportunity to be a biological mother. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about fertility treatment. Watch our free on-demand webinar hosted by our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund, where she will explain all of your treatment options and next steps.