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FREE Scan & Consultation if you proceed with treatment when booking this July. Enter SUMMEROFFER24 at checkout*. *More info

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How a male fertility test is done

How a male fertility test is done

If you are struggling to fall pregnant, the likelihood that it is caused by a male factor is around 30%. This is equal to that of women, however much of the discussion around struggling to conceive is primarily concerned with women’s experience and their perspective. When it comes to the infertility conversation, most men feel unacknowledged.

For further reading into male infertility and mental health, please see Dr Vinod Nargund’s article in the Book Of Man.

Often, women will be the first in the relationship to take fertility tests, despite the fact that a man only has to do a semen analysis, which is a much simpler fertility test. A semen analysis, or a fertility test for men, looks in detail at the density, morphology and mobility of your sperm, and the analysis is carried out by our team of highly qualified embryologists.


How is a male fertility test done?

  • The first step is to get in contact and book a time to come into the clinic
  • Two to five days abstinence from any sexual activity is necessary prior to arriving to the clinic to provide a sample 
  • Once you are here, you will be guided to a private room to provide a sample. You will be left on your own, for as much time as you need
  • A detailed, expert semen analysis is performed by our scientists in the laboratory
  • Your results will be ready the same day and sent to you
  • Advice from fertility specialists is available if the report shows any concern about fertility (please note, an additional appointment is required, which will be chargeable)


How much does a male fertility test cost?

The cost of a male fertility test, or semen analysis, is £160. This includes a copy of your results. If you require a detailed explanation of your results, including lifestyle advice and treatment options, please make an additional consultation appointment (at an extra cost).

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CREATE Fertility also offer women’s fertility tests and couple’s fertility tests.


Can male infertility be prevented?

When discussing preventing infertility, education surrounding fertility is crucial. Contrary to popular myth, both men and women have a biological clock. Male infertility also declines with age, albeit later in life.

Alcohol consumption, drug use and bad diets all have a negative impact on the functionality of sperm. Controlling these factors can help a man increase his sperm count naturally. Other negative contributions include intermittent increase in scrotal temperature (taking hot baths, sitting at a desk or on a sofa for long periods of time).


Why CREATE Fertility?

  • No waiting list
  • Expert analysis
  • Same day results
  • Advice & support

Medical Directors Professors Campbell and Nargund have pioneered the one-stop fertility testing for both men and women; we are committed to providing quick, easy and affordable access to diagnostic techniques. We have therefore designed male fertility tests to be as convenient as possible, as we believe that fertility diagnosis and education are key to allow people to make informed choices about starting a family.

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