FREE Semen Analysis with every Scan and Consultation Booked this December. More info

FREE Semen Analysis with every Scan and Consultation Booked this December. More info

Fertility Diet & Exercise Tips

Fertility Diet & Exercise Tips

Diet & Nutrition Preparation For IVF & Fertility Treatment

Improving your health and well-being prior to starting any IVF or fertility treatment will boost your natural fertility, minimise stress levels and gets your body ready for treatment. The optimum fertility diet should include lots of fibrous carbohydrates, plenty of full fat dairy products and vegetarian options where possible, combine this with regular exercise and stress-relieving activities for the best baby-ready body.

Top 5 Fertility Diet Tips

  1. Choose slow-release carbs (e.g. whole grains, fruit and veg) over fast-release carbohydrates (white bread/rice, cake)
  2. Top up your Omega-3 levels with plenty of fish or, if you are vegetarian, include mango, walnut, flaxseed and hemp seed in your diet
  3. Avoid trans fats and refined sugars (found in processed and fast food)
  4. Eat organic and vegetarian where possible
  5. Opt for full-fat rather than low-fat dairy products to get the beneficial hormones attached to fat

The single most important lifestyle factor for fertility is keeping your weight within the optimal BMI range of 20-24. Studies suggest that overweight women took twice as long to fall pregnant as women of a healthy weight, while underweight women took 4 times as long.

Top 5 Fertility Lifestyle Tips

  1. Get fit – try yoga, joining the gym or jogging in your local park
  2. Take up a new hobby to keep active and stimulated Stop smoking
  3. Avoid alcohol/Reduce your caffeine intake

Top 5 Fertility De-Stress Tips

A healthy mind promotes a healthy body, so aim to de-stress and relax. Take part in activities which promote positive thinking and could help to relieve your fertility worries. Some de-stressing activities include:

  1. Massage Yoga or meditation
  2. Doing light exercise
  3. Taking regular breaks
  4. Walks in the outdoors
  5. Bubble baths

If you wish to try something different, acupuncture is the most well regarded alternative treatment by fertility experts, although they recommend that it is only to be used alongside conventional treatments. Many women find that acupuncture simply helps them relax and zone-out of their busy schedules for an hour.