Can natural IVF help low egg reserve

Can natural IVF help low egg reserve

Having control of one’s life is something that many strive to achieve. But something’s in life are simply out of our control, such as the natural cycle of aging. Whilst life does not last forever, our ability to reproduce is the core of our entire existence.

Unfortunately, some can experience fertility impairments and, in an age of scientific breakthroughs and microscopic understanding, research and development has brought the gift of life. Here at Create Fertility we are leading specialists in providing a range of Natural and Mild-Stimulation IVF treatments.

Dedicated To Developing Our Understanding

Our expert team of influential and experienced doctors, consultants and nurses are qualified and trained in carrying out some of the most proven and scientifically advanced IVF procedures around. With our pioneering work and research being recognised internationally, our aim continues to be providing our patients with the best possible chance of conception using the most comfortable and natural methods.

A common obstruction many people face is a fertility condition known as poor ovarian reserve. Also known as Low Egg Reserve, this condition can be characterized by the ovaries containing low numbers of oocytes as well as the possible impairment of preantal oocyte development.

Natural Solutions

A woman has six to seven million eggs prior to being born, this naturally declines with age and is something that cannot be stopped. With a number of genetic factors to consider, by measuring the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels on day three of the menstrual cycle, you can begin to predict how strongly a patient will respond to IVF. A high FSH predicts a poor IVF response in older woman and less so in younger woman.

Our Modified Natural IVF and Natural Cycle procedures are designed to enhancing the natural development of small follicles and oocytes for a woman’s upcoming cycle. This higher quality of egg only helps in increasing the chance of conception in women with a low ovarian reserve.

We are dedicated to developing IVF treatments that steer away from high stimulation and reducing the risks to both the mother and her child. For more information on any of our procedures, be sure to contact us online, or give one of our qualified and helpful team a call on 020 89479 6000.

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