About us

The CREATE Fertility story

In 2000, Professor Geeta Nargund founded the Centre for Reproduction and Advanced Technology (CREATE). Professor Nargund believed that there must be a better way of helping patients to start a family. Conventional fertility diagnosis and IVF was a long, stressful process, with added risks and spiraling costs. She believed that it was the responsibility of clinicians to work to find ways that would reduce the stress of treatments, increase the safety, reduce the cost and also continue to offer the best chances of success.

The importance of ultrasound

Together with Professor Stuart Campbell, she had published the first paper on the use of advanced ultrasound in fertility diagnosis. Through CREATE, they were able to be the first centre to launch the one-stop ‘Fertility MOT’, uniquely giving an accurate quantitative and qualitative assessment of fertility within one hour.

Professor Campbell also pioneered the first 3D/4D pregnancy scanning  in the UK and CREATE was the first private fertility clinic to offer this service. Original research on antenatal diagnosis and foetal behaviour was carried out at CREATE.

A commitment to Natural Cycle IVF

CREATE was also the first fertility clinic to make a commitment to Natural and Mild IVF in the world. Professor Nargund had written the first paper on the cumulative live birth rates in Natural Cycle IVF and believed that it was essential to find ways to make less intensive approaches more successful.

She is a pioneer of Natural and Mild IVF and has innovated new techniques and approaches, such as the usage of indomethacin to block ovulation. Today, IVF success rates with Mild IVF at CREATE are excellent and with Natural Cycle IVF, we give options to those who would be turned away elsewhere.

Ongoing innovation

CREATE Fertility has continued to innovate and introduce new services and techniques. Professor RC Chian from Montreal joined the team as Scientific Director. He introduced In Vitro Maturation (IVM) and Vitrification to the services, both revolutionary techniques. We are one of the few fertility centres in Europe offering IVM and our thawing success rate with vitrification is over 95%.

More recently, Professor Nargund has been involved with the Walking Egg Foundation in Belgium, developing a new low-cost method of IVF with a simplified laboratory. Clinical trials have been successful in Belgium with many babies now born. Later this year, we plan to trial and introduce the technique in the UK.

We have grown tremendously in the last 14 years and want to give these better options to as many women and couples as is possible. We perform over a 1000 treatments a year and have IVF clinics in Wimbledon and St Paul's (London), Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Hertfordshire. Our St Paul's clinic is a large European Centre for Excellence in central London, opposite St Paul’s cathedral. It is the largest capacity IVF unit in London, with the ability to perform over 4000 treatments a year.

We founded and continue to support two charities, the CREATE Health Foundation and the International Society for Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction (ISMAAR).